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Low - cost behind the iron barrier barrier rules

Writer:wendySource:中国铁艺大全网 Number of visits: Date:2017-11-01

Nowadays many architectural decoration projects use the material of iron art.But a lot of iron steel there are too thin quality problems, resulting in its hardness is not enough.In fact, we all know that due to the cost, some developers are purchasing iron art products, try to compress the cost, only choose cheap to buy.For example, in the iron handrail bid, the developers in order to win the tender, usually the price pressure is very low.So developers in the selection of iron raw materials, can only be selected some small iron manufacturers produce materials, or cut corners, thus greatly reducing the iron handrail life and safety protection.


Furthermore, in some iron factories, there is a common problem with the safety of the safety of the workers who produce and install the ironwork.

In production, some work on the iron railings, tieyi products products such as cleaning and spray paint, did not wear protective mask, such poisonous powder, gas can be drawn drawn into the body, according to a harm to human body.In some factories, we see that many factories are not doing the measures to prevent high-altitude fall. These are some small iron products factory in the existence of security risks.

In the selection of iron handrails or iron railings, we should be the main quality, not greedy small, the use of poor iron, because these are always related to personal safety issues.

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