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Our Service

a. Training: We provide free visit technical training such as bending fleuron, plug welding and assembly, setting out according to graphic, calculating material length, metering and installation, anti-corrosion coating, color painting, gold color spraying, copper imitating, antique imitating, etc as well as free practice for our customers.

b. Contract Repairing: One year.

c. Follow-up design and Technical Support: Our designers and technicians will freely provide store front design, wrought iron graphic design and all technical support for customers throughout the year.

d. Marketing Planning Support: We provide marketing solution of Duanhai Wrought Iron Gold Factory and targeted marketing guidance to different customers.

e. Data Support: Our data department collects tens of pattern and technical wrought iron books and CDs and publishes new wrought iron atlas every year

f. Follow-up Equipment Support: we are professional developing and production organization of wrought iron equipment. We constantly develop new type wrought iron machines, tools and molds and update our products on the original machines, meeting your demands.

g. Cooperation Support: With over 1,000-square-meter wrought iron and forging workshop, we undertake customers’ drawing or sample-provided orders of forging pieces of wrought iron (extra large leaves, lamp caps, etc.) at the preferential price and impart forging techniques to qualified customers. Equipped with electric CNC wrought iron production line, we could provide customers with semi-finished products and single fleuron quickly on a large scale. Customers are only responsible for welding, installation and returning money, realizing win-win cooperation.

To be convenient to customers who can’t come to purchase, we could deal with mail order and consign for shipment for you. With quality service, we are willing to be the foundation for your success.